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Clinic Assistant Competency Training

A clinic assistant (pembantu klinik) works alongside doctors, nurses and others in healthcare teams, typically in outpatient settings such as clinics and medical offices. They tends to both clinical and administrative tasks that increase quality of patient care and improve office efficiency. The clinic assistant ensures a patient receives the best possible care from the time a patient enters a clinic, to the time the patient leaves.

CLINIC ASSISTANT COMPETENCY TRAINING (CACT) is designed to provide training for new clinic assistants or upgrading the skills of current clinic assistants in both administrative and clinical procedures. They will learn clinical hospitality, management and basic knowledge on medical care.

The objective of this program is to develop their personal traits and professional skills needed to perform as a competent clinic assistant.

Who is clinic assistant?

What is CACT?


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Training Contents


  • Clinic Assistant service etiquette

  • Patient registration procedures

  • Clinical & consultation procedures

  • Clinical emergency management

  • Insurance claim and payment submission

  • Pharmacy/Dispensary & Sterilisation procedures

  • Medicine Inventory management

  • Clinic Safety & Security procedures


PRACTICAL TRAINING (Conducted by medical doctor)​

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Sangat memuaskan dan mudah faham apa yang cuba disampaikan dalam setiap topik.


Shalini, Kedah

This course is very interesting and I learned a lot about Pembantu Klinik. Thanks to Mr Ramany, Mr Asohan and Doctor Chandran explanation is very proper and clear.
Thanks alottt Sir



Mathuri, Kedah

Terbaik, banyak manfaat yang saya perolehi dalam kursus ini. Ribuan terima kasih kepada En. Ramany, En. Asohan dan Dr. Chandra yang really membantu saya.


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This is an excellent course. Thank you for introducing